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Our Vision

A world free from all forms of gender-based violence (GBV) through the peaceful and equitable sharing of roles and responsibilities while respecting diverse gender needs.


Our Mission

Promote exemplary men through the establishment of alliances and synergies of men whether in Rwanda or in the region ; with a view to changing negative masculinity for the benefit of the active participation and partnership of men and women in development and sustainable peace.


Our Core Values

  • Gender sensitive
  • Good overnance
  • Creativity and innovative
  • Human rights based
  • Self-confidence and team work
  • Integrity and commitment
  • Time consciousness and management
  • Equal opportunities and equity
  • Transparency, accountability and responsibility

Chairperson welcome message

We are pleased to welcome all of you to the official website of the Action of Men Engage for Gender Equality in Rwanda (AMEGERWA). AMEGERWA is a Rwandan global civil society organization working to transform masculinity, engaging men and boys in everybody’s right and gender justice for all; bringing together partners that advocate the engagement of men & boys to promote gender equality in Rwanda and all over the world through promotion of positive forms of masculinities, engagement men as positive and supportive partners, and strengthening strategic partnerships between women and men.

We want this official website to be a channel for all stakeholders to be informed about our news, projects and help to build the networks and partnerships needed to promote community gender awareness at the local, national, regional and international levels.

We hope that this platform will be an effective and efficient communication and information tool for AMEGERWA members, AMEGERWA partners and everyone who will visit our website.

You are most welcome again.

NDAHIMANA Jean de Dieu

Who we are ?

We are a local NGO founded in 2017 with a core idea to raise the awareness of men from different disciplines and experiences about the Gender issues that impact the social welfare in the families and get their participation in building secure and stable families. Our disciplines include health, education, Nutrition, research, and human rights among others. All of our intervention is informed through men engagement and positive masculinity approach.

Why engaging men and boys ?

Rwanda has made great achievements in Gender promotion. However, there are long ways to go as researches show that some misbehavior rooted in patriarchal cultural system are against gender equality standards and most of time women being partly excluded from exercising their full capacity. The country cannot achieve the ultimate goal without the involvement of men and women. Men and women have to work as partners in all activities for the sustainable development of their family as well.

Men and boys must have knowledge and access to sexual and reproductive health services to ensure their participation in fighting against gender Based Violence and improve the health of families and economic well being of the society.

On the other side, Men and boys are sometimes victims of gender based violence committed by women, amazingly most of time they don’t report because of fear of losing their esteem in the community. They need to know about their rights, about their health, about communicable and non communicable diseases.

Action of men Engage for Gender equality in Rwanda (AMEGERWA) is registered by RGB under the code no N° 628/RGB/NGO/LP/05/2020. Currently the organization is operating in 4 districts inareas mentioned above. AMEGERWA is the member of Network of local organizations working on Reproductive, Health and rights. We are member of 2 regional platforms working on Gender and disaster management and we are member of International network of Men engage.

Thematic 1. Gender and Human Rights

  • prevention and training on women's rights and children's rights
  • awareness-raising on social norms and gender stereotypes

Thematic 2. Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)

  • Advancing sSexual health information, education, and communication in the communities and schools using men engage and positive masculinity approaches ;
  • Promotion of Men engagement in Family Planning with Vasectomy method ;
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV and AIDS and non-communicable diseases ;
  • Prevention of gender based violence against women/girls and teenage pregnancy
  • Access to sanitary pads for vulnerable women and young girls in rural areas for menstrual hHygiene mManagement

We believe that the accessibility of information and knowledge on SRH to every one is the key for sustainable families. Therefore, to deliver our work under this thematic area, we use different approaches :

  • Expand access of SRHR information and Education through intensified behavior-change communication, CSE for adolescents and awareness campaign ;
  • Using existing community platrate forms like cCommunity work ( Umuganda), , evening parents ( Umugoroba w’Umuryango) with men engage approach ;,
  • Deliver trainings and mentorship, peer education for promotion of SRHR information within community, schools, working places… ;
  • Conduct rapid assessment and research to inform leaders, parents and decision makers.


Within community health and development, we focus on child nutrition, cClimate change and environment. Working within a holistic approach, we bridge our work on improving maternal health with improving child nutrition, given the strong interlinkages between the two areas.

We sensitize men and women on their role and partnership in nutrition and hygiene sanitation within the family. Therefore the fight against malnutrition and stunting of children in the family.

We also see a gap in knowledge and understanding of gGender mainstreaming into climate change and environment information and adaptation need to be advocate for and disseminated at all level, and therefore we promote community-based interventions to fill this gap.

In summary, our community health portfolios include :

  • Employing a holistic approach in disseminating information and services on child nutrition to improve wellbeing in the families ;
  • Addressing the intersection between WASH and nutrition through improved information-dissemination and behavior change communication interventions at the community- level with men engage approach ;
  • Advocating for increased gender mainstreaming into nNutrition, cClimate change, disaster and environment ;


  • OWC Netherland, Netherland
  • Kali to Kali Organization

Our Team

NDAHIMANA Jean de Dieu

Chairperson and Founder


Co- Founder and Executive Director

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